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Terms & Conditions


  1. Applicants will be interviewed. No decision will be made at the interview, and applicants are advised not to assume that a tenancy will be granted. In the event of an application not being accepted, we do not enter into discussion or correspondence about the reasons for the decision.
  2. References are required, including a financial reference, a personal character reference, and, where applicable, a reference from a former landlord or employer. Please ensure that you complete the Financial Status Enquiry section of this form authorising your bank to confirm your financial status. A credit check is also taken. We will also contact your employer for confirmation of the information you provide on this form.
  3. Trinity Hospital Estates properties are held as fixed term tenancies, under which you are committed for the full term of the tenancy. There will be no provision for you to give notice to end the tenancy during the term. After the initial six-month term, tenancies continue with one months’ written notice required from landlord or tenant.
  4. If your application is accepted you will be required to pay a Bond, or Deposit, which will be held in a special bank account and will be repaid to you at the end of your tenancy less any sums due to the landlord. Trinity Hospital Estates reserve the right to retain any interest or benefit from such funds held in the special account. We are required by law to operate a Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme. At the end of the tenancy the landlord and tenant agree what happens to the deposit. If there is a dispute, the deposited amount is lodged with the Scheme Administrator, who pays the agreed sums when the dispute is resolved by agreement, dispute resolution or court order. A Deposit Protection Scheme fee is paid by the tenant for this service.
  5. At the signing of the Tenancy Agreement you will be required to pay:
    • the Bond, which is the equivalent of one month’s rent.
    • one month’s rent in advance.
    • an administration fee of £100 which includes a Deposit Protection Scheme fee.
  6. Pets are not normally allowed in our properties.